1. How can I open an account on ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM?

To open an account on ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM, you need to register on https://investing.araratbank.am/ website or contact ARARATBANK staff. If the required document set is complete, the procedure for opening a brokerage account takes 10 minutes maximum.

2. Can I practice trading with a training/demo account before making trades with real funds?

Yes, ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM provides both a real and a training/demo account that you can use at any time. It is provided free of charge for a period of 3 months. To open a demo account, you need to register on ararattrading.am website or contact ARARATBANK staff.

3. What is the minimum investment amount?

Minimum investment limit for standard accounts is the USD equivalent of AMD 250 thousand. For resident customers classified as professional, it is the USD equivalent of AMD 5 million, and for non-residents with the same classification - the USD equivalent of AMD 2.5 million.

4. Is trading on margin available on ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM?

Margin trading is available on ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM with a minimum margin of 20% (leverage up to 1:5) for stocks and ETFs, while professional customers can trade with a minimum margin of 1% (leverage up to 1:100) for other assets, including forex, commodity assets, indices, etc.

5. What are the fees for opening and maintaining a brokerage account?

No fees are charged for opening and maintaining a brokerage account.

6․ What are the commissions for making transfers between current and brokerage accounts? How long is the process of brokerage account replenishment?

All transfers from current to brokerage accounts and vice versa are free. Transfers up to USD 2, 000 are made within 1 banking day. Transfer of funds over USD 2,000 may be performed within 3-5 banking days at the latest.

7․ Can I use ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM on a smartphone?

ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM is available on Desktop, Web, iOS and Android systems. To use it on a smartphone, you need to download the ARARATBANK TRADING PLATFORM app from the App Store or Play Market platforms.

8․ What commissions are charged for transactions?

Commissions are charged depending on the asset class and type of execution. Commission for purchasing a standard stock or ETF is 0.08% per transaction, which may not be less than USD 8 for securities listed on American exchanges. For a complete overview of the rates and features of all types of assets, see the section “Fees”.

9․ What kind of analytical support does ARARATBANK provide to its customers?

The professional team of ARARATBANK is always in close proximity to its customers and offers diverse and multi-content analytical materials on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. These materials are mainly based on the works of globally known analytical and research companies and are always marked by a high level of efficiency.