The analyses of ARARATBANK OJSC were drafted on the basis of currently available public information that the Bank considers reliable. However, ARARATBANK OJSC does not guarantee that the information furnished is full and reliable, therefore, it should not be construed as advice or recommendation in executing a financial transaction.

The Daily Overview analysis is presented on a daily basis and identifies the short-term behavior of the presented instruments. The periodical presents the upcoming short-term price trend expected in the market in respect of separate instruments, the best points for opening and closing positions, as well as the maximum possible profit/loss limits. At the same time, the rating included in the Daily Overview, shown in asterisks, will help investors get an idea of the depth of the analysis and the probability of the accuracy of expectations.

24.03.23 Daily overview

The Weekly Analysis summarizes the behavior of the most applicable exchange rates, stock indices, as well as commodity assets with high turnover for the coming week, based on a fundamental and enhanced technical analysis. The Weekly Analysis format offers an insight into the chart of the selected financial asset, the news characterizing the behavior of the financial asset, as well as the important technical indicators.



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